40 Days of Prayer

November 22-December 31

We’re making the final 40 days of 2018 a season of daily prayer for IBC.

As missionary disciples, we know we need God’s presence and help, so we pray with frequency and fervency.

That’s why we’re spending the final 40 days of 2018 in prayer for IBC: our hearts, our resources, our church, and our city. Let’s join together in praying through this guide November 22-December 31.


The Prayer Guide works in three steps:

1. Pray the opening prayer.

2. Pray the prayer of the day.

3. Pray the closing prayer.


Father, you are compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love and faithfulness. Thank you for Jesus, in whom we have redemption and new life. Thank you for all the ways you’ve blessed our lives and our church. As this year comes to a close, we pray…

  • Sunday — Worship

    … for transformative Sundays as we celebrate who you are and what you’ve done, hear your word proclaimed, and receive Communion together. Please draw us into your presence, speak to us, and shape us as your people. May your Spirit move in power among us as we worship you.

  • Monday — Community

    … for all those seeking connection in an isolated world. Please use new and existing groups to spur on each of us in our discipleship journey. May we be a church where deep relationships and authentic community bring the light of the gospel to our hearts and to our neighbors.

  • Tuesday — Mission

    … for our missionaries, our local and global mission partners, and ourselves as missionary disciples as we all seek to bless others in your name. Please open the hearts of our neighbors to hear your life-giving gospel. May you bear good fruit through us as we serve your kingdom.

  • Wednesday — Service

    … for the many ministry opportunities that exist in our church body. Please raise up volunteers with Jesus’s heart to serve others at Irving Bible Church. May we all use what you’ve given us—spiritual gifts, passions, skills, and availability—to meet needs and make disciples.

  • Thursday — Children & Students

    … for the children and students who call IBC home. Please reveal your goodness and grace to them as only you can. May we love them well, serve them faithfully, and always point them to Jesus, our great hope and salvation. May families experience your joy in our midst.

  • Friday — Transition

    … for our Senior Pastor transition process. Please join our hearts together in the peace and unity of Christ. May you continue to guide us and continue to bless Andy & Alice McQuitty and Barry & Kim Jones for the glory of your name and the good of your people.

  • Saturday — Provision

    … for our financial needs. Please provide all the resources required for the work you’ve called us to do. May you cultivate gratitude and generosity in our hearts. May you help us trust you more today than we did yesterday. May you grant us the courage to say yes to opportunities that will stretch us and deepen our dependence on you.


Lord, make IBC a place of healing, make us a community of healers, and spark a movement of hope and healing among our neighbors. Draw people to Christ. Teach all of us to follow Jesus more closely. Make us more and more like him in all we do. May we be a transformed people who join you in the transformation you long to bring to our city. 

We pray in the power of your Spirit and the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.