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  • Where Courage Grows

    Where Courage Grows

    I have visited a lot of living rooms as a pastor.

  • Beloved


    This morning I read Acts 13, a chapter in the impressive saga of Paul's first missionary journey. After a wild time on Cyprus, (striking a sorcerer blind and whatnot) Paul and Barnabas travel to Pisidian Antioch where they find a hearing. The leaders of the synagogue there are receptive and attentive. It appears that their preaching might have great effect. 

  • The Unbelievable Beauty of God’s Story

    The Unbelievable Beauty of God’s Story

    My daughter Bethany is thirteen. It feels like she’s growing up very fast. Recently, she had a field trip to the local high school.

  • Only Love Overcomes Isolation

    Only Love Overcomes Isolation

    Last summer, the United States Surgeon General said that the most common disease in America is isolation.

  • From Divided to United

    From Divided to United

    In 382 BC, the predecessor to Alexander the Great took the throne in the Greek kingdom of Macedon. His name was Philip and he left very little impact on human history except one phrase: Divide and conquer. 

  • Explore IBC

    Explore IBC

    Whether you’ve already been joining us on Sundays at IBC for worship, or you’re just clicking around the web to find a new church home, we have the perfect next step for you.