Experience IBC

If you are ready to take the next step in making IBC your church family, Experience is the place for you! Whether you have been at IBC for a few weeks or a few years, this class will be a great part of your story. Experience IBC is a three-week training in how to be an IBCer. Each week, participants get hands-on training in the beliefs, values, and rhythms of a missionary disciple at IBC.


Week 1

You’ll learn about worship, communion, prayer, and liturgy. You will experience worship with other attendees, and then examine your experience in the Chapel. Be prepared to come early and stay for both services.

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Week 2

You’ll share a meal with other attendees and learn about the the imago dei, the importance of hospitality, spiritual gifts, and the New Law given by Jesus in John 13. Be prepared to discuss your unique personality and abilities with other attendees.

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Week 3

This week will focus on people outside your circle, culminating in a project to serve them a meal. A teacher will explain the missio dei and IBC’s vision for blessing our neighbors. Then you will participate in a time of guided prayer for the lost and hurting in your sphere of influence. Finally, you will work with the Sunday Meal Team to prepare and serve the noon meal to high school and Bible Community groups. Be prepared to work in a kitchen. 

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