Home Groups

We believe in community.

Home Groups at IBC exist to cultivate deep relationships that advance the kingdom of God in dark places — dark places in our world, in our relationships, and in our hearts.

We pursue this mission through groups of men and women meeting together in homes to share meals, insights, and lives. Groups are comprised of up to 12 people and are facilitated by trained leaders.

Home Groups at IBC are about quality over quantity. More than growing numbers, our mission is to grow deep community characterized by:

  • Authenticity: We don’t wear masks. Group members share their fears and failures and love one another through them.
  • Interdependence: Not codependence, but a healthy dose of relying on one another and being reliable.
  • Mission: Serving outside the walls of IBC.

Group members are invited to a group by its leader(s). Group leaders choose members based on several criteria. Groups meet in 10-week sessions.

While we’re unable to provide childcare for groups, we put together some helpful ideas and frequently-asked questions for groups. Childcare Options PDF

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