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Creating new space for transforming kids

Our Mission

The mission of the staff and volunteers who serve kids at IBC is simple: to join with families in making missionary disciples of children. In order to pursue that mission faithfully and effectively, we’re convinced we need new children’s ministry space—space that supports and energizes our team and our kids, rather than hinders them.

Our Need

As we pursue our vision together—A Transformed People, A Transformed City—it's clear that our current children's ministry space is an obstacle rather than a tool. In fact, when we view our current space in light of our shared vision, three specific areas of need become apparent: 

  • We need new space that’s more conducive to small group connection—an essential part of our discipleship strategy
  • We need new space that’s more centralized and secure—an essential responsibility of our calling
  • We need new space that’s more welcoming and hospitable to young families—an essential component of reaching our neighbors.

Our Opportunity

We believe Jesus wants to transform our city, and one of the ways he wants to do that is through transforming kids. Let’s come together to create the new space our kids and the kids of our city need to grow into the missionary disciples they were created to be. 

Our Goal

We need to create new space for transforming kids, so we’ve designed a two-story, 33,640 square-foot children’s building in which young IBCers can have the weekend experience they deserve. Together we're raising $7.1 million to complete Phase 1 of this project, and that’s a big number, but it’s time we take action.

Our City

What does new space make possible? It opens new doors to transform our city. In addition to increasing our capacity to welcome kids on Sundays, we’ll also have more room during the week to host kids from our community as we work to serve and reach our city. Our existing space can also be repurposed in the name of programs and partnerships designed to help us share the love of Jesus with our neighbors.

Our Progress

Because of generous IBCers like you, we’ve currently raised 3.55 million of our initial $7.1 million goal. That means we’re 50 percent of the way there!

In March 2018 we placed the pegs pictured above in the Next Up display that tracks our progress. You can check the display in Town Square any time to see how far we’ve come together. As you continue to give faithfully and generously, and as God provides, we’ll place more and more pegs in the display.

It’s time for us to invest in what God is doing in and through IBC and the next generation.

An initiative of this size means we have to do this together. Are you ready to be a part of Next Up?

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