Our Vision

A five-year journey of transformation

Where is God leading IBC?

This has been a burning question in our hearts and minds. As we prayed through and explored that question, the answer became clear. We believe the Story of God — the gospel of Jesus — brings transformation. With that conviction in mind, our leadership began to imagine the bright future God has for us in just a few words:

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Our Dream

In the next five years we want to see rescue and renewal sweep across our city, sparked by the men, women, students, and children of Irving Bible Church. 

We want to lead a movement of gospel transformation as people meet Jesus, learn to trust and follow him, and are sent out into their neighborhoods as missionary disciples.

Our dream is that God will use the work and witness of our people to transform the Dallas-Fort Worth area such that consumerism gives way to compassion, individualism gives way to community, and striving for ourselves gives way to blessing our neighbors. 

This is the journey to which we believe God has called us. This is the shape of our future. May we be captured by the uncommon love of Jesus and compelled to join his work in the world.

Our Strategy

  • Discipleship

    Many IBCers feel stuck spiritually. So we’ve developed a new dynamic discipleship experience so that IBCers will grow to a greater depth and breadth of following Jesus than ever before.

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  • Blessing Others

    We want to tangibly demonstrate the uncommon love of Jesus, as individuals and as a church, to the diverse people of our city through generosity, compassion, service, and hospitality so that the metroplex would experience rescue and renewal.

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  • Worship

    We believe that our worship services must catalyze and celebrate the formation of missionary disciples. If we’re going to be a new kind of people who make an impact on our city, our Sunday experience must propel us there.

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  • Multiplication

    No vision is sustainable without leadership. So to sustain a movement, we must pursue intentional leadership development at every level within the life of our church. We want to see new leaders emerge and take up significant responsibilities in the pursuit of our common mission.

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