Local Mission

We work with many local nonprofits that allow us to care for our neighbors, have an impact in our community, and share the hope of Christ in a tangible way.

Our Local Partners

  • Family Promise

    Provides for the immediate needs of homeless families through local church hosts. Visit their site.

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  • The Gatehouse

    Provides a supportive living community for women and their children in crisis to discover a new path for permanent change in Grapevine, TX.

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  • Laundry Love

    Providing once-a-month laundry assistance to the patrons of Amigo Laundromat to build relationships in the Walnut Hill corridor.

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  • The Main Place

    Provides for homeless students to help them succeed in school and life in Irving. Referred students are provided with free, trendy, and age-appropriate clothes to remove one barrier to their success.

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  • Mercy House

    Empowers single, pregnant women with hope and help so that no woman will feel compelled to have an abortion due to lack of support.

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  • Mercy Street

    A faith-based organization in West Dallas committed to mentoring kids to bring about future change in this area of the city.

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  • New Friends New Life

    A faith-based organization dedicated to helping women leave the sex industry and build new lives for themselves and their children.

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  • SchoolWorks

    Supporting our local schools with the “Half Hour Hero” reading program and lunch buddies for at-risk kids, and teacher appreciation.

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  • SeniorCare

    SeniorCare is an IBC ministry to senior shut-ins at MacArthur Hills, The Villages, and Ashford Hall in Irving. This group of regular volunteers makes individual visits to provide company and companionship to these who rarely have visitors and are always in need of friendship. There are opportunities to bring your love and your talents to these retirement homes. 

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To Our Prospective Partners

As a Christian community, Irving Bible Church is committed to supporting the kingdom of God through individuals and organizations who are serving their local communities around the world. We are also committed to steward God’s provisions, given through the generosity of IBC members, to support leaders around the world that represent the heartbeat of our local church in advancing the Kingdom. Therefore, all donations and support go through a process of selection. Our missions department team, a lay committee of committed IBC members, gathers several times a year to decide if candidates for funding (and even current individuals and organizations) fall into the mission of IBC. To find out more, please contact our Mission Department.

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