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  • Marriage at IBC

    Whether your marriage is sinking, coasting along, or going full-throttle, every marriage needs some TLC. Marriage at IBC is a fun 10-week session that provides practical ideas and suggestions for improving common points of conflict such as finances, communication, expectations, sex, in-laws. fun and connectedness. This is done in a small group format where you have the space to learn from other couples walking alongside you while you all grow closer to Jesus.

    Already in a small group? We are happy to have you join us and receive all of the materials and resources while avoiding the disruption of adding new people to your group. Contact RozeLee Rugh at for more details.

    Marriage runs twice a year, with various events where anyone is welcome throughout the year. The next session begins January 17 and ends March 27. Register below and come join us in The Commons at 9 am.

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  • Pre-Marriage

    Congratulations on your engagement! At IBC we are committed to helping you ensure that your wedding is a holy, personal, and unforgettable experience for you and your families.

    To learn more, download our FAQ sheet, or you can begin the process by registering for premarital counseling, and submitting the fee. Please note: this form requires individual responses from both the Bride and the Groom. Please make sure you are both available to participate before continuing.

    IBC Marriage Policy

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