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​Men at IBC is committed to helping every man grow in Christ and make an eternal difference. We believe in calling men to a higher standard by shaping their character and grounding their identity in Jesus. We believe men are transformed by the gospel and should work to transform the lives of others. We believe godly men do great things in their lives, family, and work.

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    2020 kicks off Friday January, 10 @ 6:22am

    We were born hungry, thirsty, and curious. As infants we wanted to taste anything and as toddlers we wanted to touch everything. As we learned to speak, "why?" was our most used word. We experienced awe on a daily basis. The word we heard most was “no.”

    As we have grown older, the culmination of experience, wounds, disappointments, and sometimes tragedy has blunted our hungry, thirsty, and curious demeanor. As adults we hear “no” less often. Is it because we rarely ask “why?”

    In our results-oriented culture many men find routine curbs their hunger and thirst while responsibility edges out curiosity.

    We get it. We too long to be awed again.

    Join us at First Watch next week as we begin 2020 by allowing scripture to guide us on a journey of Open: The Rediscovery of Awe. We are coming to understand the path to awe begins with God. We will begin the year by considering what it would look like if we began to allow Him to open our eyes, ears, heart, arms, hands, and mouth.

    First Watch meets every Friday at 6:22 AM in The Commons at IBC.

    First Watch is honest conversation, hot coffee, fresh donuts and bananas.

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