Missional Communities

Intentionally Practicing Community, Discipleship, and Mission

God has called us to be a transformed people transforming our city. We will bless our neighbors as we live on mission together.

MCs are intentional in 3 areas:


Like a family, we know one another’s stories and support one another’s journeys.


As disciples of Jesus, we encourage transformation through the Gospel and the five rhythms of a missionary disciple: scripture, prayer, mission, community, and worship. 


Like missionaries, we bless our neighbors with beauty, healing, and justice.

How Do I Join?

To learn more, just find a Missional Community you’re interested in and click on the leader’s name to send them an email. Then expect a response within 48 hours with information about that MC and an invitation to the next meeting. Also, you can check the map below to see where the closest MC meets.

Missional Communities

Want to know more?

Missional Communities are organized around a common group of neighbors to bless — a neighborhood, a network, or a need.

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Here's a little bit more to know

Missional Communities are open groups that meet twice a month, year round. Meetings are a vibrant mix of caring for one another and praying for our neighbors. Meetings follow an agenda from the acronym BLESS:

Begin: We begin with prayer.
Listen: We listen to one another by asking “How is it with your soul? How are the five rhythms of a missionary disciple transforming your every day?” We listen to our neighbors by asking “How is it with our neighbors? What needs can our Missional Community meet?” 
Eat: Because we love one another like family, we share a family dinner together. Usually this comes first!
Serve: We plan, pray for, and report on tangible ways to bring beauty, healing and justice to our neighbors.
Story: We are partnering with God to create a shared story of blessing in our neighborhood. We record that journey in a notebook.  

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