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Creating new space for transforming kids

How can our generosity make a difference in the world?

As followers of Jesus, we want to be both generous and wise in how we steward what God has given us. In this season at Irving Bible Church, we have a unique opportunity to make a strategic investment in a life-changing initiative called Next Up. This is our opportunity to create space for young IBCers to connect and grow for generations to come.

A church is more than a building, but our building has a part to play in our mission.

The mission of the local church is to make disciples—to help people trust and follow Jesus. That’s why we’re here, and it’s why we’re so committed to serving the next generation and their families! But rather than amplify and assist our ministry to kids, our space presents challenges.

Our space should communicate just how welcome and loved kids are at IBC.

We’re blessed to have an amazing team of staff and volunteers who serve families at IBC, but our current Next Gen space doesn’t reflect our church’s joy and passion for kids. Our large group and small group rooms aren’t as effective as they could be. 

The good news is that together we can change that.

We have the opportunity to create the space our children and students need to connect and grow.

In addition to renovating some of our existing Next Gen space this summer, we need to build new space for our kids. We’ve designed a two-story, 33,640 square-foot children’s building in which young IBCers can have the weekend experience they deserve. This beautiful new building carries a $7.1 million price tag, and that’s a big number, but it’s time we take action.

This new space opens new doors to serve our city.

What does new space make possible? In addition to increasing our capacity to welcome kids on Sundays, we’ll also have more room during the week to host kids from our community as we work to serve and reach our city. Our existing space can also be repurposed in the name of programs and partnerships designed to help us share the love of Jesus with our neighbors.

It’s time for us to invest in what God is doing in the families who call IBC home.

An initiative of this size means we have to do this together. Are you ready to be a part of Next Up?

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