Hurricane Relief

Helping our hurting neighbors

In the midst of the tragedy in South Texas and Louisiana, we are so grateful for the many who have reached out offering to serve, pray, and give in this time of need. The City of Irving has asked IBC to care for self-evacuated residents from Harvey-affected areas, and so we’re going to do all we can to help. In the next days, weeks, and perhaps even months, we’re going to assist these families with food, housing, and other needs. Let’s all come together to support this effort through giving, serving, and prayer. Scroll down to find out how you can help.


In order to support these families with food and housing, we need your generosity in the form of both IBC Meal Packs and direct financial donations to IBC’s Benevolence Emergency Relief Fund. You can bring completed Meal Packs to the drop-off location in Town Square, and of course you can make a financial donation any time via the button below. 

Make a Donation


As we welcome and serve displaced families, many will return home as soon as they can, but some will elect to stay here. They will need to find jobs, homes, sign-up kids for school, and more. We need IBCers who will be paired with a family to serve as their advocate and point of contact, both in the initial transition phase and in the weeks to come. To help, sign up here.

We are now taking trips each weekend to South Texas to help with cleanup and rebuilding. Sleeping accommodations and meals are provided (there are also hotels nearby, but they are at your expense). To join a weekend team, or for more info, sign up here.


As we see news reports and striking images of people in need, we are often crippled by the magnitude of tragedy. It’s in these moments that we are invited to pray. We hope you will join us in praying for all those affected by this tragedy that they would find peace and hope during this season. For those who lost their homes to be able to rebuild. For those who lost loved ones that they would be comforted in their mourning. For those who lost everything they own, that they would know that God is our provider.