Jeremy Varnell

Children's Pastor

Despite what many believe, Jeremy Varnell is the Children’s Pastor, not actually a child in the ministry. He loves working with kids, and in his professional life has worked with all ages in many capacities. Jeremy spent 17 years in public education, teaching and leading, all the while longing to share with children the most important truth they could ever learn… the life transformation that comes from following Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. His passion and focus is on supporting families in equipping their children with a sound understanding of the gospel and how to move every day toward being like Jesus. 

Jeremy is married to Jill, and they have three elementary-aged children – Kyle, Luke, and Adelaide – who keep things in their house very lively. He is a Texas Longhorns and Texas Rangers fan. He loves board games and the beach, but not board games on the beach. Wherever he is, he is probably singing.

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