Kevin Dial


My name is Kevin Dial.  My wife Paula and I met at Bible Study Fellowship in 1993 and have been married for 22 years. We have three children, Bailey, Brooke, and Braden. They all love to serve and have special places in their heart for the less fortunate. We have been attending IBC for eleven years.

I grew up and went to high school in Plano, Texas which is where my journey of coming to faith in Christ began. God placed on my heart at an early age a burden for those who are afflicted and have no voice. My family and I have served in local ministries to the poor as well as mission trips to Haiti, the Philippines, and Congo where we carry messages of hope and reconciliation. 

I went to Baylor University where I earned a Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Business Administration. I have worked in the healthcare industry for 23 years.

I currently serve with Africa Leadership and Reconciliation Ministry (ALARM), Stephen Ministry, IBC Missions, 2435 Kinwest Clinic, and Hosean International Ministry (HIM).

My hobbies are reading, writing, road biking, any indoor or outdoor project requiring building of some sort and encouraging my ALARM brothers and sisters who live in Goma, Congo who I have come to love and consider family.

My favorite song is God of Justice. “Freely we’ve received; freely we will give. We must go.  Live to feed the hungry; stand beside the broken. We must go. Stepping forward keep us from just singing, move us into action. We must go.”

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