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  • Blessed are the Curious, When Doubt Pays Off

    Blessed are the Curious, When Doubt Pays Off

    One of the most memorable sermons I’ve ever heard at IBC was about doubt. The preacher’s name was Jay. To illustrate the importance of faith, Jay invited a volunteer to come to the stage. He held out a closed fist to the volunteer and said, “I'm going to give you whatever is in my hand. I'm telling you now, before I show you, that what's in my hand is one hundred dollars.”

  • Go WITH God? Or go FOR God?
    Got Questions

    Go WITH God? Or go FOR God?

    The centripetal force is represented in the inward focus of God’s people, especially in the Old Testament. Then, worship of God was centralized and controlled. God is always sovereign over all people in all places, but he started his rescue effort with one family in one place at one time.

  • Where Courage Grows

    Where Courage Grows

    I have visited a lot of living rooms as a pastor.

  • Beloved


    This morning I read Acts 13, a chapter in the impressive saga of Paul's first missionary journey. After a wild time on Cyprus, (striking a sorcerer blind and whatnot) Paul and Barnabas travel to Pisidian Antioch where they find a hearing. The leaders of the synagogue there are receptive and attentive. It appears that their preaching might have great effect. 

  • The Unbelievable Beauty of God’s Story

    The Unbelievable Beauty of God’s Story

    My daughter Bethany is thirteen. It feels like she’s growing up very fast. Recently, she had a field trip to the local high school.

  • Only Love Overcomes Isolation

    Only Love Overcomes Isolation

    Last summer, the United States Surgeon General said that the most common disease in America is isolation.