Kids at IBC

We are dedicated to kids from birth through fifth grade. As your kids grow, it is our heart that every child would come to know and love God and be transformed to live like Jesus.


If your child is over the age of 2, they'll be welcomed into a new classroom on Sunday, June 4.

To learn more about Move Up Sunday, CLICK HERE.

First Time Families

We are so glad you are coming!

When you enter our campus, make your way to the Kids Ministry check-in areas. There are two check-in areas, which face each other - Early Childhood (birth-kindergarten) and Elementary (1st grade-5th grade).
If you have kids in both groups, you can visit either check-in. Our team will meet you there and register your kids in our system. This process can take a couple minutes, so come a little early.
At check-in, you'll receive a name sticker with a unique code for your child, and two "claim tags" matching the code to ensure safety at pickup.
Our Kids Welcome Team will show you everything from there!

Parenting Resources

The Scriptures point to parents as the primary agent in making disciples of their children with the support of the local church.
Though the role of the church and home are distinct, we desire to partner with families, to equip and encourage parents in the Gospel centered, discipleship making.
Family discipleship doesn't have to be daunting. We are here to help.

Parent Resources

Kids at IBC Partners

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